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Matica experience is also at the service of the MARINE industry: the specialized teams of Matica bring their professionalism into your boats to create lighting systems, hydraulic systems and water filtration, we provide our support for the maintenance of engines and motogenerators as well as specialized assistance for the control systems for the regulation of electricity. We carry out work in wood, metal and fiberglass to embellish or customize the interior for the correct maintenance of the hulls.

The tranquillity of being in control of your boat even when you are ashore: Matica‘s experience in creating remote control systems incuding of the strength of the equipment with the flexibility of your smartphone and allows you to never lose the helm. And in the event of failures, remote telemetry will be an important ally to equip the intervention team in the most appropriate way and resume navigation in peace, safety and fast.

At sea and on land: the optimization of electricity consumption and a correct calibration of the electricity generation groups go hand in hand. Matica has decades of experience in automation for power plants and it is your best partner as regards the calibration of generator sets for parallel operation, for the optimization of electricity production and for monitoring consumption loading. To live the experience at sea like a walk in the park.