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Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 goes through the smart factory concept which consists of 3 parts:

  • Smart production;
  • Smart services;
  • Smart energy.

System Integrator

System Integrator is a key figure in the automation sector, his task is to permit to talk any information and control system, aligning functionality, implementig and improving innovative solutions.


Matica develops auomation systems for robotized production lines for any type and for any company; from food industry to logistics, passing through the manufacturing industries.


We realize photovoltaic and solar thermal systems for the electricity production, with and without accumulation for energy independence.

Marine and Yacht Services

Matica experience is also at the service of the Marine industry. We create lighting systems, plumbing and water filtration systems, we provide our support for the maintenance of engines and motogenerators as well as specialized assistance for control systems for regulating electricity. The optimization of electricity consumption and the correct calibration of the electricity generation groups are our specialization.


Matica is always an indication of “Technology” for installations. We Design and Develop Automation Systems for Industrial Processes.


Plants Construction

The planing, the desing, installation commissioning and customer factory authorizzation test is done by ourselves.


Maintenance Service

Any plant needs constant care to check the regular functionality and guarantee the good health. we have a thorough knowledge of the whole chain: from designer to commissioning. This allow us to supply every kind of maintenance: for process plants, power generation or thermal plants, machinery.


Thermal Units Construction and Management

We manage your heating or refrigeration systems, both with steam or water boiler or heat pump. We take care of the whole system from central unit to radiators and fancoils, e then until sanitary hot water tap, We are able to guarantee the continuity of services.


Electrical Cabinet Construction

We design and construct main and automation electrical cabinets, drive control cabinets and electromechanical cabinets. We are able to construct customize solutions also for aggressive and marine environments using every kind of materials: from glass fiber to stainless steel 316L. Our experience acquired in several applications allow us to support you for the design and develop every type of cabinets, for  prototypes or unique system or unique machinery.

Supervisory Software

We design and develop supervisory software, management and control system for every kind of plants. With the telecommunication progresses we can operate through the local or remote access too.

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Some Jobs

Work description:
Supervisory and management of the electrical systems including re-balancing loads of different ENEL power sources. Network control of UPS and Thermal UPS.
Technical Description:
Black out simulation monthly execution on MT power and check of automatic re-balancing load.

Work description:
Thermal Units, Refrigerating Units and HVAC.
Tipo di prestazione:
Management, monitorig, control and maintenance of every thermal units, refrigerating units and HVAC of ASL1.

Work description:
Ventilation, conditioning and air conditioning maintenance of power station in Fiume Santo.
Technical description:
Three-year contract.

Prefer us for: 

  • Ten-Years experience in the Automation Industrial Design Department;

  • Technical Reference point in Sardinia and Italy;

  • Professional skills, Experience, Quality and warranty;

  • Support, Assistance and Local or Remote Operations;

  • Scheduled, Professional and Guaranteed Maintenance;

How we work – Certifications

We develop our activities obtaining the bset results with the best quality – ReadMore

We are qualified as official supplier of important national and international companies, such as:

  • ENI S.p.A.

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