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Why Automation and Supervisory Systems?

Process management devices connected to supervisory system through serial connections, network connections, modems allow us to manage, supervise, monitor and interact with processes using video animated pages often named synoptic. In the same time, they allow us to set and regulate the process. We can use alarms, trends, archiving, reports for:

  • Provide the operator the information needed to check the system status instantly, quickly, intuitively, entirely. In the same time show non-stop instantaneous and historical data.

  • Change the settings and the functional system parameters by one or more stations inside or outside the plant.

  • Organize information such as archives or alarms avoiding manual operations.

  • Create a system and equipment historical data, to analyze and prevent some activities.

These tools are very important for a careful and timing plant management, they can improve productivity and efficency optimizing your work process.


Why Building Automation?

We design, create and support every kind of Building Automation Systems (for web farm, hotels, hospital, Airport, etc.).
Our systems make the buildings as “smart buildings, they allow the operatos to control and manage materials and persons handling (such as lifts, hoists), thermal units, refridge units, power generation units and distributions (sush as lighting, unloading, consumption control), human and no-human protection systems (Anti-intrusion equipments, detection and fire managements).
Everything is possible and manageable by a PC (Personal Computer) using a simple and intuitive interface.
Finally, our systems allow a reduction of operating costs, unifying services control and reducing fault intervention time with a remote access control trough remote access control.