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MATICA Automation

The company was born in 2005 to increase the ten-year experience acquired within primary companies in the Automation Industrial Design Department. We worked as Project Manager, Developer Manager and Start Up Manager.

We are Sardinia technical reference for:


  • Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. as technical partner for industrial automation;

  • Schneider Electric S.p.A. as Sardinia System Integrators Partners “Alliance” for Automation Department;

  • Eurotherm S.r.l. for industrial automation department and DDC;

  • Siemens S.p.A. for industrial automation department;

  • Vipa Italia S.r.l. for industrial automation department;

  • Bartec Italia S.r.l. as technical partner for industrial automation, electrical mounting, hydraulic mounting and instrument installation mounting in Ex classification zones: such as mines.

We are able to develop automation softwares and supervisory softwares for any customer needs using any electro-mechanical components. We works with international companies, find them in the footer part.